Thermometers, T-Bar

Offering low cost, rapid response, high accuracy and ease of use with a robust T-bar design. The probeprotector cap has a slot for attachment to the rim of a container enabling hands free monitoring.

• Polycarbonate case with membrane keypad
• TH05001 and TH05002 have a 125mm x 5mm diameter stainless steel probe
• TH05003 has a 300mm x 3.2mm diameter stainless steel probe
• Data hold function retains the displayed value
• 12mm LCD display with functoin indicators
• The thermistor sensor is located in the bottom 10mm of the probe
• Auto power off after 1 hour of no activity
• Pointed probe tip makes these instruments ideal for liquid or semi-solid sampling
• Supplied with the probe protector cap with pocket clip and battery
• Calibration certificate available

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