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Magnesium bromide 6-water L.R.
Magnesium carbonate basic, heavy L.R.
Magnesium carbonate basic, light L.R.
Magnesium chloride 6-water L.R.
Magnesium hydroxide L.R.
Magnesium nitrate L.R.
Magnesium oxide heavy L.R.
Magnesium oxide light L.R.
Magnesium powder
Magnesium Ribbon
Magnesium Ribbon
Magnesium Ribbon
Magnesium ribbon L.R.
Magnesium sulphate 7-water (Epsom salts) L.R.
Magnesium sulphate 7-water A.R.
Magnesium sulphate dried L.R.
Magnesium turnings L.R.
Malachite green (Oxalate) stain
Maleic acid (cis-Butanedioic acid) L.R.
DL-Malic acid (DL-2-hydroxybutanedioic acid) L.R.
Malonic acid (Propanedioic acid) L.R.
Maltose L.R.
Manganese (II) carbonate (Manganous carbonate) L.R.
Manganese (II) chloride 4-water L.R.
Manganese (II) sulphate 1-water L.R.
Manganese (II) sulphate 4-water L.R.
Manganese (IV) Oxide Powder (Manganese Dioxide)
Manganese (IV) oxide T
Manganese (IV) oxide, precipitated L.R.
Manganese dioxide see, Manganese (IV) oxide
Manganese electrolytic L.R.
Mannitol L.R.
Marble Chips (calcium carbonate ore) 4 - 6mm
Marble chips (Calcium carbonate ore) 6-9MM
Medicinal Liquid Paraffin
Mercury (II) chloride (Mercuric chloride) L.R.
Mercury (II) oxide, red (Mercuruc oxide) L.R.
Mercury L.R.
Metaldehyde L.R.
Metaphosphoric acid L.R.
Methanal see, Formaldehyde
Methanoic acid see, Formic acid
*Hazardous surcharge may apply on 2.5l*Methanol (Methyl alcohol) L.R.
Methanol A.R.
Methanol L.R
Methanol L.R (Methyl Alcohol)
Methyl 2-hydroxy benzenecarboxylate see, Methyl salicylate
CM4804-48Methyl 3-Nitrobenzoate
Methyl acetate (Methyl ethanoate) L.R.
Methyl alcohol see, Methanol
Methyl benzene, see Toluene
Methyl benzoate (Methylbenzenecarboxylate)
Methyl blue stain (Acid blue 93)
Methyl cellulose L.R.
Methyl ethanote see, Methyl acetate
Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK) see, Butanone
Methyl formate (Methyl methanoate) L.R.
Methyl green, stain
Methyl iso-butyl ketone (MIBK) see, 4-methylpentan-2-one
Methyl methacrylate (monomer) (Methyl-2-methylpropenoate) (68)
Methyl methanoate see, Methyl formate
Methyl orange - xylene cyanol 0.36% solution
Methyl orange - xylene cyanol solid (pH indicator) (Screened methyl orange)
Methyl orange 0.04% indicator solution
Methyl orange solid (pH indicator)
Methyl red, 0.01% indicator solution
Methyl red, solid (pH indicator)
Methyl Salicylate (Oil of Wintergreen)
Methyl salicylate (Oil of Wintergreen).
Methylamine solution 25/30% w/v in water
Methylammonium chloride (methylamine hydrochloride) L.R.
Methylated Spirit Industrial 99%
Methylated Spirit Industrial 99%
*Hazardous surcharge may apply*Methylated spirit, industrial, 99%, 740.P.
*Hazardous surcharge may apply*Methylated spirit, mineralised (Blue)
**Hazard Surcharge may apply**Methylated Spirit, Mineralised (Blue)
Methylated spirit, mineralised (Blue)
3-Methylbutan-1-ol see, iso-Amyl alcohol
2-Methylbutane see, iso-Pentane
3-Methylbutyl ethoate see, iso-Amyl acetate
Methylene blue 1% aqueous solution
Methylene blue stain
Methylene dichloride see, Dichloromethane
2-Methylphenol see, o-Cresol
4-Methylphenol see, p-Cresol
2-(2-methylethyl)-5-methylphenol see, Thymol
4-Methylphenylamine see, p-Toluidine
2-Methylpropan-1-ol L.R. (iso-Butyl alcohol)
2-Methylpropan-2-ol (tert-butyl alcohol) L.R.
Million's reagent, for detection of proteins
Mineral wool see, Ceramic fibre wool
Murashige & Skoog Basal
Murexide (Ammonium purpurate)