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a - Amylase (Bacterial Source) 50% Reducing Sugar
Acetaldehyde (Ethanal) L.R. **Transport restrictions may apply**
Acetamide (Ethanamide) L.R.
Acetanilide (n-Phenylethanamide) L.R.
Acetanilide L.R
Acetic acid glacial (Ethanoic acid) A.R.
*Hazard charge may be applicable on 2.5l*Acetic acid glacial (Ethanoic acid) L.R.
Acetic acid solution (1M), (1N) (Ethanoic acid)
Acetic acid solution (2M), (2N) (Ethanoic acid)
Acetic anhydride (Ethanoic anhydride) A.R.
Acetic anhydride (Ethanoic anhydride) L.R.
*Hazardous surcharge may be applicable on 2.5l*Acetone (Propanone) A.R.
*Hazardous surcharge may be applicable on 2.5l*Acetone (Propanone) L.R.
Acetone A.R (Propanone)
Acetone L.R (Propanone)
Acetophenone (Phenylethanone) L.R.
Acetyl acetone (Pentane-2,4-dione) L.R.
Acetyl chloride (Ethanoyl chloride) L.R.
Acetylsalicylic acid (2-Ethanoyloxybenzoic acid) L.R.
Acid blue 40
Acrylamide (Propenamide) L.R.
Adenosine-5-triphosphoric acid disodium dihydrogen salt (ATP) crystalline
Adipic acid (Hexanedioic acid) L.R.
Adipoyl chloride (Hexanedioyl dichloride) L.R.
(-)Adrenaline (Epinephrine)
Aetic Acid L.R (Ethanoic Acid)
Agar powder bacteriological
DL-Alanine (DL-2-Aminopropanoic acid)
L-Alanine (L-2-Aminopropanoic acid)
Albumen egg flake
Albumen egg powder
Alginic acid sodim salt. (algin) see, Sodium alginate
Alizarin red S, special reagent for metals
Alkyd resin 70% solution in white spirit
Alum see, Aluminium potassium sulphate
Aluminium ammonium sulphate (Ammonium alum) L.R.
Aluminium chloride 6-water L.R.
Aluminium chloride anhydrous L.R.
Aluminium foil, cooking (450mm x 75mm)
Aluminium nitrate 9-water L.R.
Aluminium oxide, 3-6mm (for use as a desiccating agent)
Aluminium oxide, calcined L.R.
Aluminium potassium sulphate 12-water A.R.
Aluminium potassium sulphate 12-water L.R.
Aluminium powder, coarse
Aluminium powder, fine
Aluminium sheet (100 x 50 x 0.5 mm approx.)
Aluminium sulphate L.R.
Aluminon (tri-Ammonium aurine-tricarboxylate)
Amino acid set
3-Aminobenzene-1, 2-dicarboxylic hydrazide see, Luminol
2-Aminobenzenecarboxylic acid see, Anthranillic acid
4-Aminobenzenesulphonic acid see, Sulphanilic acid
4-Aminobenzoic acid (4-Aminobenzene carboxylic acid) L.R.
2-Aminobenzoic acid see, Anthranilic acid
Aminoethanoic acid (Glycine) L.R.
3-Aminophthalhydrazide see, Luminol
L-Aminopropanoic acid, see L-Alanine
Aminosulphonic acid see, Sulphamic acid
Ammonia Solution L.R
Ammonia solution, 0.1M (0.1N) C.V.S
Ammonia solution, about 0.88 specific gravity A.R.
Ammonia solution, about 0.88 specific gravity L.R.
Ammonium acetate (Ammonium ethanoate) L.R.
tri-Ammonium aurine tricarboxylate see, Aluminon
Ammonium bromide L.R.
Ammonium carbonate L.R.
Ammonium chloride A.R.
Ammonium chloride L.R.
Ammonium dichromate (VI) L.R.
Ammonium ethanedioate (Ammonium oxalate) L.R.
Ammonium ferric sulphate see, Ammonium iron (III) sulphate
Ammonium ferrous sulphate see, di-Ammonium iron (II) sulphate
di-Ammonium hydrogen orthophosphate (di-Ammonium hydrogen phosphate (V) L.R.
Ammonium hydroxide see, Ammonia solution
Ammonium Iron (II) Sulfate (21) L.R.
Ammonium Iron (II) Sulfate (22) A.R.
Ammonium iron (III) citrate, brown scales L.R.
Ammonium Iron (III) Sulfate A.R.
Ammonium Iron (III) Sulfate L.R.
Ammonium metavanadate L.R.
Ammonium molybdate L.R.
di-Ammonium nickel (II) sulphate (Ammonium nickel sulphate)
Ammonium nitrate L.R.
Ammonium oxalate - see Ammonium ethanedioate
Ammonium peroxodisulphate (Ammonium persulphate) L.R.
Ammonium purpurate see, Murexide
Ammonium sulphate L.R.
Ammonium thiocyanate L.R.
iso-Amyl acetate L.R. (3-Methylbutylethanoate)
Amyl acetate L.R. (mixture of isomers)
n-Amyl acetate L.R. (Pentyl acetae)
iso-Amyl alcohol L.R. (3-Methyl butan-1-ol)
n-Amyl alcohol see, Pentan-1-ol
a-Amylase (bacterial source) (
a-Amylase (bacterial source) (
*Hazardous surcharge may be applicable*Aniline (Phenylamine) L.R.
Aniline hydrochloride (Phenylammonium chloride) L.R.
Anisole (Methyl phenyl ether) L.R.
Anthranilic acid (2-Aminobenzoic acid, 2-aminobenzenecarboxylic acid) L.R.
Anti-bumping Granules, (fused alumina)
Aquadag (Graphite collodial about 18% solids)
Arabic gum see, Gum acacia
L-Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C)
DL-Aspartic acid
L-Aspartic acid