Science Apparatus

We represent most manufacturers of laboratory equipment and consumables. As an independent distributor, we are able to offer in excess of 65k product lines ranging in price, quality and specification so we are confident WE have the right product for you at the right price!

Fisher Scientific Products

We are very proud to be one of Fisher Scientifics largest distributors. Daily top-up deliveries from the Fisher Distribution Warehouse enable us to offer an unparallel level of service.


Pre-packaged chemicals in all the different purities available from a wide range of manufacturers. We also stock a massive range of PrimeBrand chemicals that are predominantly aimed at the most price sensitive sectors of the laboratory market i.e education. These chemicals are still LR & AR grade but have batch analysis rather than individual bottle analysis tests completed on them. This is reflected in significantly lower prices.

Chemical Waste Collection and Disposal

Let us solve your waste chemical problems!

We provide a professional service that will help you manage costs and deliver environmental peace of mind.

We work closely with a large waste disposal company, who have been awarded the 'Green Apple Award' for environmental best practice

Assay Products and Flux mixing

Beecroft & Partners are one of only a handful of companies worldwide that manufacture pre-mixed fluxes for the assay market. Made to individual recipes and using guaranteed silver free litharge, our fluxes have long been regarded as the benchmark for quality.

All other assay consumables i.e crucibles & cupels in a wide range of sizes are available